Better safe than sorry. TAG2550 – best in test.

TAG 2550: Ultrasonic Receiver for Underwater Locating Devices

The TAG 2550 is a smart and small battery-operated receiver designed to receive ultrasonic signals with a frequency between 25 and 50 kHz. The received signals are reproduced visually in the form of a yellow LED and acoustically by means of an integrated loudspeaker. At the same time, the output signals can be represented via the earphone or on a PC screen via a suitable connection cable.

The TAG 2550 is simple to operate and both the visual and acoustic signals are clear and unequivocal.

Receive Ultrasonic Signals
Ultrasonic Receiver
TAG 2550

- Receiver frequency: 25 kHz to 50 kHz
- Power supply: Battery type CR1632
- Operating voltage : 3 volts
- Operating temperature range: 0°C to +40°C
- Size: 58 x 36 x 20 mm
- Weight: 24 grams