Never ending power for your beacon.

The Acoustic Beacon with Powerloss Switch.

The PT9 C-PROOF PLS is battery operated and primarily consists of an electronic module and a switch. Protected by a cylindrical, water-and weather-resistant housing, the PT9 C-PROOF PLS withstands extreme environmental conditions, high impact and deep-water pressure of up to 6000m. Immersion in fresh or salt water activates the PT9 C-PROOF PLS. The battery capacity is dimensioned in such a way that the PT9 C-PROOF is able to send this ultrasonic signal with constant signal intensity for the duration of at least 30 days.

PLS Powerloss Switch
PLS Cable Conector

Shorted dummy: PT9 C-PROOF PLS works when immersed in water, like a standard PT9 C-PROOF.
Note: The PT9 C-PROOF PLS functions only when immersed in fresh or salt water and when the two wires of the cable (Relay) are connected.

Cable connector: The PT9 C-PROOF PLS works, immersed in fresh or salt water, when the battery power of the underwater device falls or fails and the relay, connected to the two wires, closes. (Relay) are connected.