PT9 Adaptor Kit

Guaranteed compatibility with all VDR- and S/VDR data capsules.

Universal compatibility with BSH approval

Would you like to replace one of the acoustic beacons DK485, DK130 or DK140 with a PT9 C-PROOF ? This is easily possible with the PT9 adaptor kit / universal bracket which is mounted on the VDR. The set consists of panel, clamp and cylindrical screws. It is easy to mount and can be adapted individually.
The delivery also includes a technical drawing, which shows the recommended measurements for the drilling holes. Of course we offer the part also ready for assembly with drilling holes according to your specifications.

PT9 Adaptor Kit
PT9 Universal Bracket

PT9 Adaptor Kit
to L3 Data Capsule HVR01:
- 2 Adapter Plates Stainless
Steel coated RAL 9003 white
- 4 Screws 1/4“ x 3/8“
Stainless Steel
- 1 Description

PT9 Universal Bracket
- 1 panel
- 1 clamp
- 4 cylindrical screws
- 1 technical drawing with fixing instruction